Ryan Bembridge

Ryan Bembridge is senior reporter at Mortgage Introducer

Montlake, known as ‘Monty’, has 4,851 followers at the time of writing and has made around 29,300 Tweets since joining the social network in February 2009.

Rubins believes that home extensions are saving considerable and unrecoverable expenses for homeowners.

The bank’s 60% loan-to-value 2-year fix stands at 1.13% with a £995 arrangement fee for owner occupiers.

The video service is available in 63 Santander branches across the UK.

Instead of London leading the way on yearly growth were Birmingham (7.7%), Manchester (6.8%), Leicester (6.8%) and Nottingham (6.8%).

The survey asked 2,000 first-time buyers planning to buy in London over the next five years the cost of homes in 12 boroughs based on description and location.

The broker is being headed up by Clive Willson, formerly at Brightstar, Magellan and Beacon Homeloans, and provides assistance for all types of residential, commercial, development and business finance, on an advised or referral basis.

The CML said the change reflects tax and prudential burdens in the housing and mortgage markets.

The body has created a factsheet for its members that sets out areas for firms to review, as well as potential solutions.

Toy has spent his entire career in commercial lending, working for Barclays, Abbey Commercial and also N&P Commercial Lending.