Tony Ward

Tony Ward is chief executive of Clayton Euro Risk
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Good news for smaller lenders!

The new regulation looks to be aiming to set things right – a refinement that’s long overdue.


Time to raise our gaze

So many uncertainties…


A relaxation of capital requirements, to my mind, would not be a good thing. Simplification must not come at the price of security.

green belt

Tony Ward talks green belt and planning rules affecting housebuilding ahead of the housing white paper.

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There’s no escape, I’m afraid, from Brexit and its related issues.

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Ward thinks the biggest threats to UK stability lie overseas

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Why has productivity been so disappointing?

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My hopes and fears for 2017

I hear warning bells ringing. Without doubt the next 12 months are going to be challenging.

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House prices revisited

We must ensure we have enough workers in the building trade, European or otherwise, to guarantee the country’s building capacity doesn’t shrink.

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Protect and survive

Let’s protect the ‘investment banker for Europe’ at all costs