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LIBOR report is nothing but banker bashing

It’s a sad state of affairs when the promotion of the apparent incompetent over the dishonest is met with such public approval. [More]
Hugh Wade-Jones Friday, 28 September 2012 0 Comments

Prime property performance isn't just for London

Despite various naysayers claiming that the prime property prices are beginning to plateau the latest survey results by suggest this is anything but the case. [More]

Prime London vs the world

It is no secret that London’s prime property market has been going great guns in the past few years and will continue to thrive as money floods out of the eurozone but how is it faring against equivalent cities further afield?

The answer is pretty darn well. [More]

The defiance of HNW borrowers to recession

...high net-worth borrowers remain unbowed by the Office of National Statistics figures and I would expect this to remain the case due to a number of supporting factors. [More]

HNW individuals to fall foul in the Budget

continually going after our wealthiest individuals is not the correct way of getting our economy jump-started again [More]

Britain is playing catch up at home

Foreign banks are stealing a march on their British counterparts [More]

HNW needs more work in MMR

Those wanting to specialise in high net worth clients should have a distinct qualification [More]