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Hope for commercial landlords with empty properties

If you have landlord clients they will almost certainly have spoken about the empty property rate relief that was scrapped in April 2008 heaping a huge financial burden on landlords and occupiers. [More]
Richard Cleminson Tuesday, 18 September 2012 0 Comments

London's commercial market will have a good Autumn

With the UK still technically in a recession it may surprise people to know that commercial property in London has been having a good year. [More]

The pitfalls and opportunities in leases

Mortgage brokers and leaseholders are unaware of the importance of reviewing the terms of the lease when it comes to arranging the finance or re-finance. It is really important to understand the pitfalls and opportunities of lease extensions. [More]

The HMO renaissance

Landlords who have them are operating in a niche but lucrative market. [More]