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There are lenders for whom advertised rates seem nothing more than headline-grabbers to generate column inches and best-buy table appearance.

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There are so many house price reports that the constant talk of what’s happening to property prices can become a little dizzying for buyers, brokers and lenders too.

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When Theresa May took over the reins from David Cameron as Prime Minister, she announced to follow in his footsteps by leading a “one nation government” working “not for a privileged few but every one of us.”


Duffy on digitalisation.

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When speed is of the essence it helps to have a wide network of trusted partners that will go above and beyond the call of duty.

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Warning signs aplenty. It certainly isn’t the time to make changes

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I believe there is a more efficient way for the government to raise monies – perhaps replacing the tax with a fairer system that might be a flat-rate paid by both buyer and seller.

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If it was a simple solution it would have been in place many years ago.


The IDD introduces a minimum of 15 hours continuing professional development for virtually all staff working in an insurance firm.

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Rumours of increasing the stamp duty threshold from its base at £125,000 would also help those struggling to get their foot on the housing ladder.