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Andrew Shaw

Few events exercise the emotions of the commercial community in Scotland more than the periodic revaluations undertaken to determine the level of business rates, and this year is no exception.


Time to raise our gaze

So many uncertainties…

general insurance

The referral option should not be viewed as a ‘poor relation’ to providing the advice yourself.

Steve Bryan

There no is a better time than any for advisers to help close the ‘protection gap’ and discuss protection with this new generation of homeowners.


A relaxation of capital requirements, to my mind, would not be a good thing. Simplification must not come at the price of security.

FCA financial conduct authority

This is the first time the FCA has pursued criminal action against an individual in accordance with its consumer credit powers.

green belt

Tony Ward talks green belt and planning rules affecting housebuilding ahead of the housing white paper.

sarah jackson

The sooner brokers embrace transparency as a business imperative, the faster they will prosper.

bank of england 4

Any revision to the economic growth forecast is likely to be upwards.


Geoff Hall is managing director of Berkeley Alexander