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In this exciting market, keep your finger on the market pulse.

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One thing the railway has not yet produced is a significant and lasting uplift in house prices in the area.


With short-term lending, time is of the essence.

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There will be 60 million freelancers, contract workers and temps in the US by 2020, that’s more than 40% of the workforce, and there is every reason to think the UK will follow the same trend.


London compared to Vancouver

If London wants to reduce the number of foreign buyers it can learn from the effects of Vancouver’s tax.

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The third quarter this year will soon see the back of some late summer sunshine but I’m sure that we’re all hoping for activity to heat up after the usual July/August lull within the UK mortgage market.

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Sadly all things Brexit-related seem to have gone from bad to worse.


Like any government policy, the RTB scheme is tangled with a long list of T&Cs, exemptions and jargon not always understood by most.


Great expectations

We still remain a generation away from building the required number of houses necessary for today’s demand, let alone what might be needed in the future.

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The pace of new investment has certainly slowed. And that’s a big worry.