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Jonathan Sealey hope capital bridging

A more versatile approach is vital if future dreams are to be realised and we, and the world around us, continue to evolve.

robot man

Power to the people

Just because technology can be developed to the point where a machine can replace a person, doesn’t mean that’s necessarily a desirable outcome in every instance.

DM hall Eric Curran

Our profession rightly holds itself accountable to the highest standards and prides itself on the rock-solid worth of an unsullied reputation.

simon conn1

Rural property pitfalls

Make sure you do not get caught out by the different rules and regulations.

tony ward12

Incentives for downsizing

We need to build retirement communities into which people actually want to move.

bob hunt

The FCA is going to want to see much more customer-focused, fully-rounded advisory propositions aimed at later life individuals.

steve harness 2

DAs and second charge

DA firms in particular have the best of all worlds in that they are able to choose their partnerships from the entire market.

Rob Clifford

The short-term fix debate

Many people are simply uncertain about what the next two years will bring, let alone the next five or 10 or even more.

stuart wilson

Interest [justice] served

The recent announcement by the FCA that it is to lift the requirement for affordability checks on so-called ‘hybrid’ plans that allow for interest to be served is very welcome, and timely.


Holding our nerve

My honest opinion is that nobody really knows what will happen if we vote to leave – after all, we are in unchartered territory – but there seems to be a good deal of scaremongering going on.