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Why stamp duty must be reformed

Reform is needed otherwise the impact of a reduction in stamp duty receipts will adversely affect Government coffers.

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The quantity of new homes being sold in London were already in decline prior to the vote.

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It’s time to grasp the nettle and be frank about the fees charged to clients by master brokers.

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Collective initiatives that are not bound to monetary policy are needed.


The underlying fundamentals suggest that buyer motivation and applicant enquiries will remain strong.

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It would seem that the status quo is conspiring against first-time buyers.

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I wonder if the marketing departments at various lenders are not already dreaming up ‘Surrogate lending’ schemes or products which allow savers to ‘Foster a first-time buyer’.

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We as an industry are letting down existing borrowers.

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What has the latest cut achieved anyway?

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Housebuilders don’t seem unduly perturbed post-Brexit.