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simon bailey

We are not expecting a rush of business due to landlords breaking the doors down with fresh enquiries to beat the deadline.


Bridging for business

Bridging can be an extremely useful tool for solving business problems

tony ward12

We need some specific government-backed initiatives to support apprentices coming into the industry.

david catt

Those lenders involved will need to monitor this risk closely, keep an eye on what impact any potential price distortion may have on their back book and prepare to manage that risk accordingly.

stuart wilson

A final tally of ‘just’ £1.61bn seemed, well, a little disappointing.

simon conn

If you wish to raise a mortgage to purchase your overseas property there are many different underwriting obstacles you may come up against.

tony ward 12

Raising rates now or even predicting they could go up soon is not sensible.

Rob Clifford

The 2016 mortgage market should build nicely on what has gone before.

tony ward 12

It’s a generation thing

Research out last week reiterated the dysfunctional state of the housing market.

tony ward 12

Mortgage arrears and defaults in the owner-occupied space are higher than buy-to-let.