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house price falls

I’m simply not convinced by the house-price-fall argument.

row of houses

Shouldn’t we be encouraging people to save?

tony ward 12

The view among investors is that negative interest rates and quantitative easing are increasingly becoming ineffective and costly

Kevin Paterson new pic

The roll-out of Flood Re has also caused frustrations within the insurance industry itself.

houses bath

The next big move – regulatory approval permitting – will perhaps be focused on whether lenders feel confident to offer a straight 100% product

house green country

Could be the biggest housing shortfall since the 1950s

london birdseye

Now is the time for a clearly-defined course of action.

Jonathan Sealey hope capital bridging

A more versatile approach is vital if future dreams are to be realised and we, and the world around us, continue to evolve.

Power to the people

Just because technology can be developed to the point where a machine can replace a person, doesn’t mean that’s necessarily a desirable outcome in every instance.

DM hall Eric Curran

Our profession rightly holds itself accountable to the highest standards and prides itself on the rock-solid worth of an unsullied reputation.