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row of houses

The UK’s empty housing stock, whether old and decrepit or new and purposefully unoccupied, needs to be utilised more efficiently.

row of houses

With just seven weeks till the election and others fighting for politicians’ attention, we must speak loudly and clearly.

work hard try

Good productivity is the bedrock of strong economic growth and a vital source of improved living standards and wages.


The General Data Protection Regulation requires understanding and preparatory steps ahead of implementation.

technology man phone laptop tablet

In the coming years you’ll be able to arrange a solicitor, book a surveyor, and conduct all aspects of the homebuying process from your mobile on a Sunday afternoon.

property development

A recent case involved a couple who decided to build two properties to let in their back garden.


Europe’s loan portfolio trading market has regained much of its momentum, having stalled in 2016.

house keys

Analysis for the Social Mobility Commission out yesterday suggests that more than one in three of homebuyers in England depend on money from their family with this figure expected to jump to every two in five homebuyers by the early 2020s.

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Help may finally be at hand however if a petition to parliament leads to a change to lending rules.

europe european union EU

‘Before the fiddlers have fled, before they ask us to pay the bill and while we still have the chance, let’s face the music and dance.’