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It’s good to talk…

We regularly canvas opinion from a range of industry contacts at mortgage clubs, networks, specialist distributors and brokers.

The Great Rate Debate

It’s all kicking off at the Bank of England.

If advisers take advantage of the opportunity presented by renewal times to have quality conversations around policies with their clients, both parties will benefit and transparency can be celebrated.

I’ve been calling for a ban on letting fees for a long time now, much to the surprise and disbelief of the wider agent community.

That level playing-field I talked about earlier was certainly not there within this article.

Going for growth

Robert Owen (pictured) is managing director of mortgages and bridging at United Trust Bank (UTB) At UTB, things don’t stand still for very long. In 2015,…

Interest Rate Surprises

This is all too much too soon. Back in May, I wrote that it would be foolhardy to raise rates. My view hasn’t changed against the backdrop of a volatile economy, uncertainty around Brexit negotiations and a hung parliament.

What’s driving brokers to double up on fees?

Despite what you read and hear this is most certainly NOT Armageddon for the economy, markets, brokers and lenders.

Hugh Wade-Jones discusses how the UK property market will fare after the shock election result.