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The society is also offering a 2-year tracker at 1.44% with a £999 fee as well as fee free versions at 1.69% for a 2-year discount and 1.79% for a 2-year tracker.

Homeowners are looking at alternative options in a stagnant market place.

HMRC data revealed that the property transaction count for June 2017 was 96,910 residential and 9,800 non-residential transactions.

Once a mortgage is attained by ‘Generation Y’, half of their entire monthly income goes on bills.

West One has completed more than 70 transactions this month.

Birmingham is the fastest growing city with 7.8% annual price growth.

Other fast growing cities are Edinburgh (6.5%) and Manchester (6.4%), with Aberdeen being the only city to show negative growth (2.7%).

Halifax has signed a deal with teenage YouTube vloggers ‘Ambi’, ‘Evie’ and ‘Oscar’ to promote smart saving, spending and staying safe online.

There were a number of improvements made to Precise’s 2, 3 and 5-year fixed rate products.

The launch hopes to help clients have more confidence when purchasing their property.