Category: Bridging

Octane has joined both Connect’s mortgage network and the panel of its packaging arm.

The bridging lender’s max LTV has been increased from 70% and it will now lend against a 180 day valuation (the value of the property if it had to be sold in that time).

Octane has pledged to price loans based on the ‘real’ risk they represent, arguing that LTV-based lending is overly simplistic.

The high net worth brokerage has launched a new website as part of the rebrand.

Cooper joins from Octopus Property and is the latest recruit to a fast growing team.

Vantage has hired Gina Lancaster to manage relationships in South London and the South of England and David Coleman for North London and the East of England.

Money lent by investors will be go through its sister company Kuflink Bridging.

In Q1 2017 lending reached £118.79m, 5.5% lower than Q4 2016 (£125.66m) and down 5.23% from Q1 2016 (£125.35m).

Writing on the business social network Linkedin, Sanders said he left to ‘do something new’ but will enjoy gardening leave ‘for a while’.

Leach worked for Enterprise Finance as a business development manager and has knowledge of second charge lending, bridging finance, commercial mortgages and complex buy-to-let cases.