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With over 12 years’ financial services experience, Mitchell-Charman has worked as both a broker and a BDM.

Brokers will be able to search for a solicitor to represent their client’s interests from a fixed fee panel.

Enquiry levels have seen a 47% year-on-year increase.

3mc improves website

Brokers can either review specific criteria of two or more lenders or look at a lender’s full range of criteria.

Paul Aitken exits Borro

Since launching in 2008 Borro has established itself in both the UK and US with lending figures topping £260m over the last three years.

The masterclasses, which are being hosted by Precise Mortgages’ head of sales Jamie Pritchard, are being held in locations around the country throughout July.

Brokers will be able to access West One Loans either through Connect’s specialist mortgage network or packager.

Despite what you read and hear this is most certainly NOT Armageddon for the economy, markets, brokers and lenders.

Bailey was at the company for two decades.

The lender provides short-term finance for residential and commercial borrowers, and specialises in development and structured finance in both regulated and unregulated markets.