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The lender has also launched a 75% buy-to-let 5-year fix at 2.93% with a £1,495 fee.

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SimplyBiz members will have access to up to eight firms offering a combination of solutions for secured and unsecured loans, bridging, commercial and development finance, complex buy-to-let, including limited companies and specialist residential mortgages.

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The lender is also offering an 80% LTV product at 3.88% with a 2.5% fee, a 75% LTV product at 3.98% with a £1,999 fee and an 80% LTV mortgage at 4.38% with a £1,999.

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Paul Brett has left Foundation Home Loans after two years with the buy-to-let lender.

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Through limited companies the lender has launched an 80% LTV 2-year fix at 4.39% and two lifetime trackers at 4.2% to 75% LTV and 4% to 65% LTV. Products come with a 1.5% fee.

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In the fourth quarter 84% of brokers were unable to source a buy-to-let mortgage for some of their clients, with more than a quarter (27%) blaming affordability.

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The total number of valuations carried out in December 2016 was 8% higher than 2015 and 40% higher than 2014.


While a number of lenders have increased their income coverage ratio (ICR) to 145% Precise will decide the ratio on a bespoke basis by taking customers’ individual circumstances into consideration.

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Sales of two bedroom properties and fewer fell by 13.2% in December 2016 compared to the year before and as a result available stock for sales increased by 1.9% year-on-year.

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The specialist bridging lender funded more conversion cases of this type in 2016 than any previous year.