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The Basel Committee published a document in December 2015 proposing that lenders hold more capital in reserve for buy-to-let borrowing which would make high loan-to-value lending especially onerous.

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Together has made changes to its buy-to-let range for expats available on their online portal.

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First Complete and Pink urge brokers to raise awareness about the changes impending mortgage interest tax relief will have on regional landlords.


Whitear said that he was delighted to be joining Northiew, the parent brand of Kensington and New Street, at a time when it was looking to bolster its buy-to-let offering.

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The proportion of landlords planning to take out commercial loans rose from 10% in July 2015 to 19% at the end of last year.

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In terms of rental yield, capital gains, rental price growth and number of transactions in the last 12 months Romford was the top postcode, ahead of Luton, Dartford, Rochester and Watford.


The lender has cut prices across two and three year specialist products, which include limited company lending, houses of multiple occupation and multiple flats under one freehold.

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There were 34 prospective tenants registered per member branch which is up 31% from December.

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The society also achieved record pre-tax profit of £116.6m, increasing from £108m in 2015.

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The intermediary-only lender of Yorkshire Building Society Group has extended its pilot to a wider number of broker firms after launching a pilot last year.