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Dorset and East Sussex make up the rest of the top three most attractive retirement counties for pensioners.

The half day events, which take place across the UK, will provide intermediaries with insight into the different niches of the specialist lending market, including buy-to-let, second charge loans and the later life lending space.

The mortgage is designed for those who want to pay interest on their mortgage debt into retirement and is currently available through a limited selection of intermediaries.

However three in five (62%) said downsizers have unrealistic expectations about how much they will raise from moving to a cheaper home if they can find one.

Hodge Lifetime’s offer a 55-plus mortgage product which provides a solution for customers both before and after retirement looking to remortgage or to purchase a new property.

The Office for National Statistics piece revealed that increases in private pensions alone were responsible for over half of the rise in the income of retired households between 1977 and 2016.

After the move Key Retirement’s chief executive Colin Taylor has retired after 20 years at the helm, with Simon Thompson, formerly deputy CEO, taking his place.

The survey of 205 IFAs shows that 87% of their clients cite emotional ties as the most common reason for not moving.

The portal has a dashboard with key information on active referral cases, while advisers can make referrals directly from the portal and get immediate updates on progress.

In Q2 8,454 new plans were agreed and £701m of equity was released, an increase of 27% and 36% from the same quarter last year.