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Title Insurance enables us to proceed without requiring the need for our solicitors to conduct a full investigation of the title.

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The system’s buy-to-let sourcing is also being updated in line with Prudential Regulation Authority regulations, while iPipeline’s LifeGenie product is being integrated to produce indicative life quotes.

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Deane will be a member of both the audit and remuneration committees, acting as chair of the audit committee.

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Both parties said they would welcome the opportunity to work together again.


Vanessa Bamford and Leonie Cavanagh have joined as internal BDMs.

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Masthaven manually underwrites cases – helping borrowers whose circumstances may not tick all the traditional boxes to secured lending.

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The FLA reported second charge business falling by 22% in volume in October year-on-year but Tim Wheeldon, chief operating officer of Fluent Money, expects this to be a mere blip.

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The system features a panel of second charge lenders in Shawbrook Bank, Precise Mortgages, Paragon Personal Finance, Masthaven Bank and Step One Finance.

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The burglary, which took place in October, saw a number of personal computers stolen.

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Wheeldon thinks more trust should be placed in underwriters rather relying om computer-generated underwriting.