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The three most common reasons to make a claim were back pain, depression and broken bokes from accidents.

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The service plans to use technology to provide clients with a personalised insurance policy with multiple benefits.

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The second and third most common were musculoskeletal disorders (22%) and cancer (10%).

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It paid 98% of life insurance claims, 92% of critical illness and 90% of income protection.

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New protection business was up by 3.9% in 2016 compared to 2015 and income protection sales increased by 17% in the same period.


Advisers can see whether their cases are ‘in progress’, ‘awaiting start date’, ‘at risk’ or ‘completed’, while the system features a ‘key milestones’ filter showing what client information is required and whether it has been returned.

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Financial Conduct Authority fines should subsidise the Financial Services Compensation Scheme rather than going into the pockets of the Treasury, Aegon has claimed. The pension,…

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The service works by asking applicants 14 yes or no medical questions. If they answer ‘no’ to all of them they will be given a guaranteed term assurance quote rather than having to go through insurance providers’ underwriting processes.

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Advisers can research and quote multiple products including life, critical illness and income protection.

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The subsidiary is expected to be up and running by 1 January 2019.