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The bank launched into development finance in November 2015 and, after initially focusing on residential projects across London and the South East, Paragon is now also funding projects in the Midlands and North of England.

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Alsop is charged with adding to, and managing the commercial underwriting team.

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There are 23,662 vacant properties under Labour jurisdiction compared to 6,530 in Conservative.

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The analysis by Portico shows there were 55 transactions in the whole of the Westminster borough in February, the lowest ever recorded.

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In the second half of 2016 – and coming in at third and fourth on the list – Blemain took 42.4 complaints per 1,000 live mortgages and Pepper UK received 42 complaints per 1,000 home finance customers. Blemain upheld 52% of the complaints and Pepper 33%.

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Premium income rose by 4.4% to £16.3m with 94% of claims being paid in 2016.


The product comes with a £199 fee and also has a free valuation. Fees assisted legal services are available for standard remortgages.


The Mansfield will now consider self-builders, renovators and those hoping to work on conversion projects for residential purposes in England and Wales.

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The society’s 75% LTV 2-year fix now stands at 1.34% with a £999 fee and 1.74% with no fee.

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The interest-only mortgage market has recently come back under the regulators spotlight with the FCA probing if lenders are acting in the best interests of consumers.