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Customer acquisition and loyalty event from the EFMA

Developing new approaches to attract and retain profitable customers.

18 October, 2007

Fifth annual Efma event. This year the association will be focusing on finding new ways to attract and retain more profitable customers.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Customer acquisition and loyalty measurement
  • Developing new approaches to retaining customers.
  • Innovative methods of acquiring new customers
  • Winning the right new clients
  • Focusing retention efforts on profitable customers
  • The role of segmentation in acquisition and retention
  • Targeting and communication with potential new customers
  • Controlling the cost of customer acquisition
  • Building a relationship with the new customer
  • Using customer service as a main driver of loyalty
  • Loyalty programme profitability
  • Giving the customer more control
The event will be of interest to those that are responsible for or interested in customer acquisition and those that have responsibilities in the customer loyalty and retention area, either having already have developed customer loyalty programmes or considering their introduction.

Heads of Retail Banking, Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Customer Service Directors, Heads of Strategy, Product Managers, Customer acquisition, Loyalty and Retention Managers are just some of the roles or job responsibilities that the conference is likely to appeal or be of specific help to. Indeed, anyone with a role involving increasing customer acquisition, retention, product development, customer service or business and sales development is likely to find this established annual event of benefit and of interest.

Venue: Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam.

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