European buyers can gain £40,000 London property discount

Ryan Bembridge

June 24, 2016

london shard thames

European buyers can get a £40,000 discount on London property from seven months ago after the United Kingdom voted for a Brexit last week, analysis from London Estate Agents Stirling Ackroyd has found.

The value of the pound against the euro fell by 7% the day after the UK opted for a Brexit.

Andrew Bridges, managing director of Stirling Ackroyd, said: “European buyers can now snap up real bargains across London. Overnight London has become a more affordable global property hotspot – particularly for those paying in Euros.”

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“After the shock of the referendum, calm will return to the market and people will see the bright lights of London are undimmed.

“London’s reputation as a valuable property investment hotspot remains undiminished and the capital will continue to attract an abundance of potential buyers. London will retain its global capital city status.”