haart confident in long-term success of property market

Ryan Bembridge

June 24, 2016

row of houses1

haart estate agents is confident in the long-term success of the property market after the UK voted to leave the EU.

Its chief executive Paul Smith admitted there will be turbulence in the short-term but he expected the UK to attract more overseas investment after the value of the pound fell.

He said: “We’ve grasped a huge opportunity for the UK and we have every reason to be confident about the long-term success of the property market.

City house price inflation slows

“We are an economic powerhouse and we will continue to be a magnet for international investment.

“The underlying strength of property is sound, and it will remain a great investment because more people than ever are looking to get on to the ladder and there simply aren’t enough homes available.”

He added:  “In the short-term things could be turbulent as people come to terms with a result that wasn’t expected. But we now have some certainty.

“It’s up to the government to lay out a clear timetable for renegotiation of our relationship with the EU so that we can get on with doing what British people are very good at – buying and selling houses.

“Smart buyers stand to gain from the uncertainty of others in the weeks ahead, and confident sellers may find that they are in a good position as others wobble.”