Landbay: Buy-to-let will be robust after Brexit

Ryan Bembridge

June 27, 2016

buy-to-let buy to let house

John Goodall, chief executive and founder of peer-to-peer platform Landbay, doesn’t expect the Brexit vote to disrupt the resilience of the buy-to-let sector.

He said: “Yes, this is unknown territory, and political and economic uncertainty will in all likelihood lead to a protracted period of wider market turbulence, but investors in the sector are uniquely insulated from that storm.

“The private rental sector is built on strong foundations. Buy-to-let mortgages were one of the best performing types of loans throughout the credit crisis, and we believe demand for rental property will continue to outstrip supply, while average rents will continue to increase above the rate of inflation.

Consumer confidence still lower than before Brexit

“We will no doubt see significant change over the coming months, but agile peer-to-peer platforms are in prime position to capitalise on this opportunity. At a time when investors are tripping over themselves to find an alternative to the equity markets, the strength of the rental sector makes buy-to-let backed peer-to-peer mortgages a sound and predicable investment proposition.”