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Overseas investors turn to Scotland

Property investors from Europe and the rest of the world are turning to Scotland’s housing market as they look to make new investments in bricks and mortar.

6 July, 2009

Overseas buyers are taking advantage of favourable exchange rates and lower house prices in order to snap up properties in Scotland – which has been hailed as a sign that the country's property market is taking the first steps to recovery.

The trend has already been witnessed at Edinburgh-based firm One Call Home Assist, who have received more than a dozen enquiries for their fixed price property maintenance contracts from landlords based in Europe, Dubai and Australia in recent weeks.

Managing director Paul Greaves said that the interest in the service was proving that Scottish property was a big draw with investors around the world.

He said: "We've had quite a few enquiries in recent weeks from people based overseas who are looking for someone to cover the maintenance on their properties. Because of the good exchange rates, they've seen Scotland as a great place to make an investment and are often renting the property as they wait for the market to improve."

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