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FTB approvals hit nine month low

First-time buyer approvals in April dropped 1.2% down from April the previous year, figures from e.surv chartered surveyors reveal.

Yuan Phoon, 11 May, 2012

Only 11,307 loans for properties worth up to £125,000 were approved in April down 5% from March.

Banks blamed increasing mortgage funding costs and renewed fears over their exposure to the eurozone crisis for the reduction in lending.

March was the third successive month in which first-time buyer loans had fallen, confirming the Bank of England's view that banks and mutuals were pulling back from lending to borrowers with small deposits over the summer.

The number of loans franted to borrowers with a deposit of 15% or under fell to 5,309, well below the three-month average of 6,229.

In the overall market around 49,165 loans for house purchases were approved, a fall of 1.4% from March.

The average deposit on a house purchase loan rose above 40% for the first time since February 2011.

April was the fourth consecutive month in which the average LTV had fallen suggesting it had become increasingly more difficult for borrowers to access high LTV loans.

Richard Sexton, business development director of e.surv, said: "The market has shown real fighting spirit and stood up well to the economic malaise engulfing Europe and the UK economy. Up until the early spring mortgage lenders did a sterling job of coping with steadily increasing funding costs imposed by investor anxiety in the wholesale markets.

"But we've reached a tipping point now. Banks and building societies can't afford to sustain their current levels of high loan-to-value lending.

In addition to their increased funding costs, they are also concerned about their exposure to the debt-riddled European countries and the increasingly precarious state of borrower finances in the UK."

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Mike1 wrote:

I am not a genius but can no-one else see the problem here? FTBuyers are like the plankton of the oceans, everything else depends on them. The housing market cannot recover without the FTB as the home movers need to sell to them so they can be released to move. Nonesense talked about LTV is an accountants panacea but it is affordability that should determine the loan. Don't lend 50% LTV to someone who can't afford it because they will fail, do lend 95% to someone wo CAN AFFORD IT as they will not fail. Before the lenders got greedy (greedier) and lent on anything to justify their huge bonuses, the housing market was stable, then lending with much increased 'times income' or 'self cert' or NINJ, with no hope of people being able to afford payments brought us to our knees. Killing off the plankton and hoping to still be able to obtain fish is a great folly as is killing of the First Time Buyer.

Friday, May 11, 2012 12:00:25 PM GMT

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