National Counties accepts all buy-to-lets through limited companies

Ryan Bembridge

June 15, 2016

buy-to-let buy to let house

National Counties Building Society will now accept all of its buy-to-let mortgages through limited companies.

The society has updated it buy-to-let and residential ranges, with buy-to-let 3-year and 5-year discounts now standing at 2.50% and 2.20% respectively, up from 2.20% and 1.80%.

Across its owner occupier range its 2-year fix stands at 2.19%, 3-year fix at 2.49% and 5-year fix at 2.79%, down from 2.79%, 2.99% and 3.29%.

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Its Family Mortgage 3-year fix stands at 2.99% and 5-year fix at 3.29%, a reduction from 3.34% and 3.64%.