Harpal Singh of Broker Conveyancing: We must fight the fear

Ryan Bembridge

June 24, 2016

harpal singh

Harpal Singh, managing director of Broker Conveyancing, has pledged to “fight the fear” that would see housing transactions and property prices fall after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

The UK’s leave vote prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to announce his resignation by October and the Scottish National Party to start preparing for a second independence referendum.

Singh said: “The main fear now is fear itself. If people believe the negative forecasts then we will realise their fears – that house transactions will fall through, new purchases will slow down and property prices will come down.

Consumer confidence still lower than before Brexit

“We need to fight the fear. 15,000 mortgage advisers should tell their clients that it’s business as usual and make sure they engage with their client base to provide them with all the advice and information they need.”