Seven Families measures financial invincibility with online test

Ryan Bembridge

June 9, 2016

seven families2

The Seven Families project has launched a financial vulnerability test to highlight the value of income protection.

The quiz (pictured), which can be accessed on the Seven Families Facebook page, asks 17 questions before calculating a person’s ‘finvincible’ (financially invincible) outcome and recommending appropriate action to take.

Peter Le Beau, spokesperson for Seven Families said: “We’ve tried to take a fun and light-hearted approach to engaging people about their financial vulnerability, and help raise some much-needed awareness of income protection at the same time.

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“Far too many people would face incredible hardship if they lost their income through accident or ill health, but fail to put anything in place to mitigate against this. Increasing awareness of income protection, we hope, will help drive more people to seek financial advice.”

The Seven Families project will end on 31 July, with the date coinciding with the last payment to the seventh family.

Once the project is over Seven Families will carry out consumer and industry research to measure the impact of the project.

Michael Aldridge, innovation director at London & Country, said: “Far too many people avoid facing up to the financial implications of becoming ill and unable to work, in many instances because it’s too uncomfortable to consider.

“Being ‘finvincible’ is a fun and interactive way of getting a very serious message across. Injecting an element of humour and game play will help engage those that might otherwise simply bury their head in the sand and avoid the subject altogether.”

The Seven Families project, in partnership with Disability Rights UK and the Income Protection Task Force, has provided a tax-free income for one year to Seven Families across the UK who have lost an income through ill health or an accident.