121with video platform launches

Ryan Bembridge

May 9, 2017

A platform linking up professionals like advisers and solicitors with consumers has launched called 121with.

Professionals can advertise their expertise on the platform, have live video sessions and exchange instant payments and documents with consumers, who themselves can find what they’re looking for by typing in keywords.

While its early days for the firm, which currently only has around 25 ‘providers of expertise’ on the platform, Tom Stokely, 121with joint managing director, explained his vision.

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Stokely said: “Do I envisage the platform being used for financial advice? Absolutely.

“The platform may lend itself to generic advice, which can then turn into an ongoing relationship where transactional activity is covered as well.

“As of today we are looking for ambassadors and early stage providers who are going to lead the way in different sectors we are targeting, including the IFA sector.”

121with will be advertised on Google, through social media and on Instagram to get the venture off the ground.

Providers using 121with can advertise on the website for free, although the firm takes a 20% of cut of payments including VAT.

‘Affiliates’ who refer providers to the 121with platform can also get a cut of payments.

Stokely added: “The next six months are going to be instrumental in setting the tone of growth.

“121with is looking to be an online marketplace across many sectors from stylist, makeup and self-help all the way through to IFAs and the legal profession.

“The first six months in terms of spreading the net as wide as possible is going to be crucial.

“My personal view is we should be targeting providers who already have established business and this is a new way for them to add another string to their bow.

“Take plumbers – instead of being on call and driving across town to help someone with their boiler they could fix some issues on video.”

The firm uses Stripe, the same payment system as Uber.

Stokely has worked in investment banking for the likes of RBS and Santander, while his co-founder Alex Valentine has a legal background.

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