2.85pc rate at 70pc LTV launches

Sarah Davidson

October 31, 2012

The 5-year fixed rate 2.99% purchase and remortgage deals are available in both its Main Bank and Core ranges.

The Main Bank deals come with £250 cashback and are available where at least one mortgage applicant has an active NatWest or RBS current account into which at least £1,000 has been paid each month for the last three months:

The new 70% LTV deals are available in both the Main Bank range, with £250 cashback, and in the Core range for purchase and remortgage:

o 2-year fixed rate, 2.85%, 70% LTV, £995 product fee.

o 2-year fixed rate, 3.29%, 70% LTV, no product fee.

o 5-year fixed rate, 3.49%, 70% LTV, £995 product fee.

o 5-year fixed rate, 3.79%, 70% LTV, no product fee.

Mark Bullard, head of sales at NatWest Intermediary Solutions, said: “There is a growing demand from intermediaries’ clients to stabilise their mortgage payments over a five year period, so I am expecting that our new sub-3% deal will prove to be popular. And, by adding in the 70% LTV deals, we have extended the choice of LTVs so that every 5% incremental step is covered from 60%-80%.

“We offer a huge choice of mortgage deals, specifically for intermediaries, to account for the different types of clients they are dealing with. We are continuing to be well supported by brokers for our recently launched Main Bank and Current Account ranges, with around a quarter of all applications being for these deals.”

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