23pc of pensioners missing out on benefits

Robyn Hall

February 21, 2013

Just Retirement’s 2012 survey of clients found that 23% of pensioners are failing to claim the benefits which they are entitled to losing an average of £655 income each year. The highest amount unclaimed was £3,631 a year.

The research revealed that many of those not claiming benefits are living in houses of around the average value which suggests that they may believe their property rules them out of receiving benefits.

Stephen Lowe, Just Retirement’s group external affairs and customer insight director, said: “Many pensioners are struggling to make ends meet due to insufficient pension income and depressed savings returns.

“At the same time they are missing out by failing to claim the benefits they should be receiving, often to the tune of hundreds of pounds each year that could make a real difference to their quality of lives.”

This is the third year that Just Retirement Solutions has produced its State benefits research and the numbers failing to claim continue to increase.

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