2nd Mortgages Ltd signs up to Dashboard Software.

Amanda Jarvis

January 5, 2005

David Aylmer, Joint Managing Director at Dashboard, says “We are extremely pleased that 2nd Mortgages have joined our ever increasing list of clients. 2nd Mortgages signed up to Dashboard in October 2004 and have now been using it successfully for over 2 months. They have embraced the decision to use Dashboard and successfully and quickly implemented the system within their business, now their primary focus is looking forwards to a successful future! ”
John Maher, Managing Director at 2nd Mortgages Ltd, says “With our turnover now in excess of £1M per year and growing, it was time to look at how technology would help us make life easier for our administration and sales staff. Our qualified sales staff are spread around the country and the use of Dashboard allows everybody case tracking to all cases at any time. With new regulation and increasing business levels this is excellent news for the future.”

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