£305 payback from £1m fraud

Robyn Hall

October 15, 2012

Bryan McNaught, 46, made £834,601.68 by defrauding credit card, banks and mortgage lenders from April 2003 to April 2009, but will pay back just £5 because he has no assets.

Along with his partner Sarah Harris, 39, McNaught also defrauded the couple’s two teenagers out of £30,000 each, which was left to them by their grandfather.

The pair claimed to be barristers and football agents to fraudulently re-mortgage an £180,000 home in Caerleon, and took out a £300,000 mortgage after Harris claimed she owned a stake in an international football development.

In March 2011, McNaught was jailed for 36 months and Harris to 52 weeks suspended for two years, after they earlier admitted a number of fraud offences over six years.

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