360 sourcing reaches £100m in apps since launch

Robyn Hall

July 21, 2015

360 Sourcing allows approved intermediaries 24/7 access to second charge loan illustrations within 2 minutes, detailed product information, numerous filter options and the ability the control default broker fee by a tolerance of 20%

The platform is currently being developed to enable accurate comparison between further advance, remortgage and secured loan for a defined term and provision of sourcing for bridging.

Chris Fairfax, managing director, Positive Lending, said: “Our introducers had a huge influence on the initial design of 360 and these further enhancements are being made as a consequence of listening to their further needs.

“Technology is going to revolutionise the way in which all types of mortgages are originated, captured, assessed and processed.

“Positive Lending will be at the forefront of these changes in specialist lending packaging and distribution.”

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