3mc launches new website

Ryan Fowler

March 5, 2020

3mc has launched a new website that aims to illustrate the benefits of working with a packager compared to working directly with lenders.

The site includes an updated version of 3mc’s Compare Criteria tool, as well as a quick reference section to help brokers source solutions for their specialist lending enquiries.

3mc offers brokers a choice of fully packaged or introducer services and has seven different lender onsite underwriters onsite producing mortgage offers for clients.

Doug Hall (pictured), director of 3mc, said: “It was important for our website to clearly communicate what we do, how we do it, and the benefits of working with 3mc.

“I’m really pleased with the end result, which makes it nice and simple for brokers to access the information they need to make the best decision for their clients.

“One of the key parts of the site is a section that makes it easy to compare the difference in working with 3mc as opposed to working directly with a lender, or even other packagers.

“At 3mc, not only do we have access to rate and criteria exclusives, which provide brokers with enhanced products when compared to dealing with the lender direct, we also have specialist expertise in working with lenders’ core ranges and seven different onsite underwriters, producing mortgage offers for clients.

“I’d suggest that all brokers should be checking with 3mc before placing their specialist cases.”

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