3mc launches packager exclusives

Michael Lloyd

August 29, 2019

3mc has launched packager exclusives with Kensington Mortgages including 90% loan-to-value (LTV) and cashback on HMOs and multi-unit blocks.

The 90% LTV exclusive has a free standard valuation and £500 cashback and is available for purchase and remortgages up to £500,000.

Doug Hall, director of 3mc, said: “We are continuing to see demand from brokers whose clients want high LTV mortgages or to invest in assets that can deliver a better yield than a standard buy-to-let – and these two exclusives from Kensington Mortgages cater for both.

“These exclusive products are the result of the strong relationships we have with lenders in this market and they serve as another reminder for brokers of the many benefits of working with a packager like 3mc.”

3mc has also launched an HMO and multi-unit block exclusive with Kensington Mortgages featuring £750 cashback.

It is available up to 75% LTV on loans of up to £750,000 to both limited companies and individuals on HMOs and multi-units of up to six bedrooms or units.

Craig McKinlay, new business director, Kensington Mortgages, added: “At Kensington, we like to take a different lending approach.

“We understand and analyse people’s financial situations but then layer a common-sense approach to our lending decisions.

“Our use of data and insight, coupled with manual underwriting, has helped us identify areas where we can offer new offerings like these.

“We hope that this highlights our continued commitment to helping individuals find a mortgage that suits them.”

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