More than 40% of Brits believe they’ll never own a home

Michael Lloyd

April 3, 2019

More than 40% of Brits believe they’ll never own their own home, car sharing marketplace Turo UK has found.

The study conducted by Onepoll and commissioned by Turo UK found one fifth believe there is less pressure and responsibility when renting, though 36% think they would miss the sense of ownership they feel when buying items. One in three Brits said they felt ‘pressure’ to own their home outright.

Xavier Collins, director of Turo UK, said: “We’re living in a post-ownership society.

”From the homes we stay in to the cars we drive, the sharing economy is dominating more and more corners of our lives.

“Brits are feeling empowered to own less, and those who do own assets are becoming more entrepreneurial with them, accelerating the UK’s sharing culture.”

As the sharing economy continues to gain popularity, one in 10 adults believe sharing feels more ‘modern’.

Around one in four enjoy the flexibility in pricing that it offers over paying a lump sum when purchasing an item.

Three in 10 of those surveyed in the study, conducted by OnePoll, would consider letting their home – or rooms within – out on a peer-to-peer service such as Airbnb to help make some money.

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