44pc of advisers focus on low charges

Robyn Hall

March 26, 2013

The level of charges ranks ahead of the tax benefits and protection of capital as reasons to recommend products, according to the study among investment advisers.

The research confirms growing concern about the impact of charges on investments and the attraction of index funds – around one in five (19%) of advisers say disclosing charges on actively-managed funds deters investors when compared with index or tracker funds.

Advisers are also under pressure to pick winners when they select actively-managed funds – research shows a quarter spend more than ten hours a week on the selection of investments or allocating assets and nearly half (46%) would welcome help from providers on asset allocation.

Sean Oldfield, chief executive officer, Castle Trust said: “There has been a significant shift in the institutional sector from active to passive investments and this research shows investors are concerned about fees, while many intermediaries feel under pressure to deliver performance.

“The UK housing market has provided excellent risk-adjusted returns over the years but these returns have generally only been available to people buying investment properties.”

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