53% of Brits want to move to ‘forever home’

Ryan Fowler

September 3, 2019

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Half (53%) of Brits are unhappy where they currently live and are set on moving to a ‘forever home’, research from estate agency Nested.com has revealed. 

Surprisingly however it is not location that is the key factor in choosing such a home. The research revealed that size plays a much more pivotal role.

Indeed over half (57%) of those surveyed described it as the most critical factor in choosing a forever home.

The number of bedrooms was identified as the second most important concern of 53% of people while location came in third with 52%.

Other major factors include purchase price (50%), proximity to green spaces (46%) and good public transport links (31%).

Ben Bailey, spokesperson at Nested, said: “Our ‘Forever Homes’ study shows that as a nation we are unsatisfied where we currently live – with the majority of us planning on moving again in order to bag that property of our dreams.

“Currently, there are too many factors that make us reluctant to make that leap into our forever home. From potential changes to stamp duty, to unsupportive estate agents through to unreliable chains – home moving has been painful for too long.

“At Nested.com we believe everyone should be able to realise their dream of owning their forever home, that’s why we’re the only estate agent who will advance buyers the money to secure the property of their dreams, removing the stress of broken chains.”

Nationwide, the dream of moving to a ‘Forever Home’ is most prevalent in Leicester with two thirds (66%) of locals saying that’s what they intend to do. London takes second place with 65% while Plymouth is third with 64%.

On the other end of the scale, residents of Belfast are least positive about securing their ‘Forever Home’ with just a quarter (26%) planning on landing one. Next comes Edinburgh where just 40% of locals think it likely, followed by half (48%) of Brighton residents.

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