64% of property investors have not let Brexit impact their investment decisions

Michael Lloyd

April 4, 2019

Since the EU referendum in June 2016, almost 64% of investors say they haven’t let Brexit impact their property investment decisions and 45% have bought at least one more property, Market Financial Solutions has found.

Only 7% have sold one or more homes as a direct result of Brexit and 57% do not envisage their property investment strategy changing following the Brexit deadline.

Paresh Raja, chief executive of MFS, said: “There is a sense of Brexit-fatigue setting in across most financial sectors.

“But importantly, while some predicted that this uncertainty would cause house prices to tumble and property investors to flee the market, today’s research demonstrates that appetite for real estate as an investment asset has remained strong.

“It is positive to note that the majority of property investors have been actively seeking new opportunities regardless of Brexit, and such buoyant behaviour looks set to continue over the coming months.

“Although a degree of hesitancy at times like this is inevitable, the research underlines the long-term strength of bricks and mortar investment to weather such periods.”

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