67% of homeowners in favour of EPC-related reductions  

Jake Carter

January 4, 2022

The majority (67%) of all homeowners, or those who want to become homeowners, would be in favour of a lower mortgage rate based on their property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, according to Foundation Home Loans. 

The research also found that 48% of homeowners and prospective homeowners would consider improving the EPC rating of their property in order to access a better mortgage product, if it paid for itself in five years.

Meanwhile, 5% said they would make green improvements to their property if it paid for itself in 15 years and 24% said they plan to improve their property’s energy performance regardless.

George Gee, commercial director at Foundation Home Loans, said: “There’s no doubting we’re going to be seeing a much greater government focus on the UK’s housing stock, how its energy efficiency ratings can be improved, and how that might help the UK meet its carbon emission targets.

“To that end, there appears to be a far greater appreciation of energy efficiency within the home from individuals, and it’s positive to see two-thirds of all those polled saying a mortgage product with rates based on EPC ratings would be an appealing part of the overall product mix.

“At the same time, with such incentives in place, more people are likely to consider improving the energy efficiency of their properties and it’s therefore important we have product availability that can support those improvements, whether for owner-occupiers or landlords.”

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