700 brokers register for EDGE

Kay McLellan

June 9, 2006

The EDGE is an on-line ‘solutions and checklist-generation’ system for brokers in the sub-prime market. It provides on-line accurate ranked solutions for any given sub-prime enquiry, utilising all the products available through Enterprise’s lender panel.

Michael Clapper, ceo at Enterprise Group, said: “The pick up has been fantastic and we are already receiving applications sourced solely by the EDGE. Feedback from all users has been excellent.”

The ranked results are returned by the EDGE in two minutes, after searching through around 15,000 products and exclusives across 10 lenders. Once the solutions are generated, brokers select the scheme they want to recommend and a checklist of requirements for submission is automatically generated.

For regulatory safety, the EDGE provides a full ‘audit trail’ of the enquiry, research, solutions and checklists, to prove to the regulator that thorough research was carried out prior to recommendation.

Richard Coulson, ceo at Home of Choice, said: “We are delighted that our partners get full access to the EDGE through Choice Homeloans. For anyone wanting to operate safely in the sub-prime market the EDGE is a must-have, simple as that.”

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