£93,730 – Britain’s financial safety threshold

Robyn Hall

December 11, 2012

On average, people would like £93,730 in their bank accounts to feel financially safe and comfortable. But typical savings for a British household are just over £1,000.

Rebecca Perry of Legal & General, said: “These figures show that there is a big gap between people’s hopes for financial security and the reality of their finances.

The vast majority of families simply can’t afford to save up nearly £100,000 to feel comfortable or safe.”

There is a big gap in regional expectations. The average Londoner would feel financially safe and comfortable with £109,020 in the bank, whereas in the South West the amount is much less, at £73,910.

The 45-54 year old age group have the highest average financial safety threshold, at £115,570 whereas the 18-24 year old group has the lowest, at £41,560.

On average, men feel they need more money in their bank to feel financially safe and comfortable, £106,600, whereas women feel they need less, £80,770.

Legal & General also looked at how much people felt was a ‘life-changing’ amount of money, on average it is £1.79 million.

Again, there were significant regional differences.

Of all regions, the average sum considered to be life changing was highest among people from Yorkshire & Humberside, at £2.5m, whereas among people in the North East, the next region north, the average sum was the lowest, at £0.82m.

Nationally, women thought that on average £1.84m would change their lives, whereas men thought £1.74m would.

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