AAM report fall in arrears and possessions

Robyn Hall

February 20, 2013

The statistics revealed that there were a total of almost 100,000 pre-litigation visits completed in 2012 and a further 14000 pre-eviction visits.

Interestingly the data found that when field agents were able to make contact with customers over 60% resulted in the completion of an Income & Expenditure form and an offer of payment proposals from the customer to the lender. This figure is even higher on pre-eviction visits at over 67%.

The data found that 9% of customers refused to talk to the field agent and a further 17% are cancelled by lenders prior to a visit being arranged.

Ray Hugill, chairman of the Association of Arrears Mediators, said: The results released today are further testimony to the incredible work undertaken by field agents and the success they have in helping their lender clients to minimise the numbers of possessions and losses.

“The remaining members of AAM are united in their aim to further improve performance in the coming year.

“What is surprising is the number of pre-eviction visits is only 50% of the total number of possessions, which indicates that perhaps some lenders are not taking full advantage of the services of field agents.

“This is an area we will try and address in the coming months.”

The total number of home visits completed by the AAM members (past and current) since 2007 is now 837357 (pre-litigation) and 148688 (pre-eviction).

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