Abbey revises mortgage range

Nia Williams

November 27, 2009

It will launch a new two year tracker at 2.69% and lower other tracker products by up to 0.30%. Abbey will also launch a new five year fixed rate mortgage at 5.99%

The new product changes are as follows:


* A new two year tracker at 70% LTV, at 2.69% (2.19% difference to base rate) with a £995 booking fee and the homebuyer plus solution (free legal fees and valuation).

* Two year tracker Homebuyer mortgage at 75% LTV, down by 0.25% to 2.94% with a £995 booking fee.

* Two year tracker Remortgage product at 75% LTV, down by 0.30% to 2.99% with a £995 booking fee.

Fixed Rates

* A new five year fixed rate (Homebuyer), 75% LTV, at 5.49% with a £799 booking fee.

Commenting, Ricky Okey, managing director of Abbey for Intermediaries, said: “As competition starts to return to the market, we will aim to ensure that we continually keep our rates under review to ensure that we offer intermediaries competitive products across our mortgage range.”

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