ABI calls for flood management investment

Ryan Fowler

January 21, 2015

The campaign also calls for cross party consensus on long term solutions and an end to new developments in areas at risk of flooding.

The launch saw Mary Dhonau, OBE, chief executive of Know Your Flood Risk, asked to speak at the House of Commons reception, attended by forty MPs.

At the reception she met with Roger Williams, MP, to discuss the current risk to homeowners, based on the latest flood risk modelling data, and joined ABI’s call for an end to housing development on flood plains and an increase in government funding for flood risk management.

Dhonau said: “Never has it been more essential to invest in both building and maintaining flood defences.

“If we are to avoid vast swathes of the country being brought to its knees on a regular basis, then we must invest heavily in all aspects of flood risk management.”

“Too many homes have been built in inappropriate places and the knock on effect on individuals and communities has been devastating and costly.

“We urgently need a cross party consensus for managing floods, one that will address all forms of flood risk, one with an ambitious long-term goal that will embrace innovation and investment to reduce flood risk.”

Know Your Flood Risk works to raise awareness of flood risk, by lobbying the government and the insurance industry and providing homeowners and businesses with practical guidance on their risk of flooding and how to mitigate the risk of their properties being flooded.

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