Access4Finance offers 70pc net commission

Nia Williams

January 17, 2013

As a reward to those supporting it, the company has decided to break its highest commission structure and offer – for today only – 70% net commission for any enquires received.

Scott Thorpe, director of Access 4 Finance, said: “A lot of our competition said we would be bankrupt within 6 months due to our commission structure and made a point of telling our new and potential introducers the same.

“I am glad to say we have stuck to all our promises and paid our introducers the day the commission is received. This is highly unusual in the industry as most brokers keep hold of the introducer’s commission for anything up to a month before paying it to them.

“Over the next few weeks the company will launch the first ever ‘secured loan apprenticeship scheme’, introduce new lenders to the panel and add a new commission structure.

“I would also like to give a special mention to our current introducers and lending partners for their continued support since we entered the market and look forward to continuing an excellent relationship.”

Maeve Ward, head of sales at Shawbrook Bank, said:”I am delighted that Access for Finance are going from strength and are offering opportunities for young apprentices to join the world of finance. With unemployment still high, opportunities are few and far between.

“Access for Finance are opening the door for individuals to gain experience in the finance industry with a potential job opportunity at the end.”

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