Accidents occur in the home more than anywhere else

Jessica Nangle

August 13, 2019

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Accidents occur at home more than anywhere else with the living room proving the most common part of the home for accidents, according to latest research by VeriSmart.

The network of independent property inspectors revealed that home accidents account for the deaths of approximately 6,000 people in the country per year.

Over two million children under the age of 15 experience accidents in and around the home every year.

Children under the age of five and those over-65 are most likely to experience an accident at home.

The cost of home accident injuries has been estimated at £45.6m each year.

Jonathan Senior, chairman of VeriSmart, said: “The numbers really are harrowing, with falls standing out as an especially common but preventable cause of injury and even death.

“Parents often see falls from windows as freak accidents, but the statistics suggest otherwise and, in fact, nationally, one child under the age of five is admitted to hospital every day after falling from a building.

“Of course, children are curious by nature, and so window locks and safety gates are reliable ways to prevent them from getting into danger.

“While this falls more as the responsibility of the parent and not the landlord, it is vital for those in the buy-to-let sector to ensure that the property they provide is completely compliant and safeguarded against any eventuality, not just a potential fall hazard.

“Failing to do so will have consequences that stretch far beyond any legal ramifications and so it really is in your best interest to check regularly and carry out any required maintenance immediately.”

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