Accord BTL reviews product range

Jessica Nangle

January 24, 2020


The Accord Buy To Let (BTL) range has been relaunched with reduced rates, extended end dates and increased cashback on house purchase products.

The changes have been made across multiple terms and LTVs.

Highlights include a 2-year fee-free fixed rate at 75% LTV being cut to 2.24% and a 3-year fee-free fixed rate at 80% LTV cut to 3.47%.

There is also a 5-year fixed rate at 75% LTV which has been cut to 2.32% which comes with a £195 product fee.

These products come with £250 cashback and free standard valuation.

For house purchasing clients, the range includes a 2-year fixed rate cut to 3.47% and a 5-year fixed rate reduced to 3.57% both at 80% LTV.

Both products come with a £950 product fee, £1,000 cashback and free standard valuation.

Simon Garner, product manager at Accord BTL, said: “This refresh has been a chance to review our full range and ensure we are meeting the needs of landlords, whether they are in the market for a new addition to their portfolio, or looking at remortgaging on existing properties.

“We’ve been able to reduce rates to offer more competitive products as well as increase many of our house purchase cashback incentives from £250 to £500.

“We’ll continue to monitor the market post-election and as always, we are happy to discuss individual cases with brokers if they have specific questions about affordability or criteria.”

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