Accord commits to offering free legals

Ryan Bembridge

July 20, 2017

Accord Mortgages will continue offering free legals despite Nationwide being praised for scrapping them this week.

From the beginning of the year Accord customers have had the choice of free legals or £500 cashback – and 80% picked legals.

David Robinson, national intermediary sales manager at Accord, said: “We’ve offered both free legal assistance or up to £500 cashback consistently throughout 2017 and will continue giving customers the ability to choose which option is right for them.

“Some borrowers prefer the convenience of someone else arranging a conveyancer, which is demonstrated in the high volume of our customers seeking this option, but others would prefer to source their own.

“Our remortgage range gives borrowers a wide range of products and additional features to choose the mortgage that best meets their individual needs.”

Conveyancing portal SortRefer backed Nationwide for scrapping free legals yesterday, saying legal firms in such a situation tend to represent the interests of lenders rather than consumers.

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