Accord cuts fixed rates in semi-exclusive range

Andrew Goldsmith

December 4, 2009

Since the new range was launched on 23 November, swap rates have improved even further, giving Accord the opportunity to cut fixed rates by up to 0.40%

Product fees have been cut too, with the completion fee now at £900, so the total product fee is now below £1,000 on the range (the booking fee remains at £95).

The new products are extremely competitive, say Accord, with 2 year fixed rates at 75% LTV amongst the best deals in the market:

3.69% – 2 year fixed rate – house purchase and remortgage

3.79% – 2 year fixed rate with £400 cashback – house purchase and remortgage

3.79% – 2 year fixed rate with refund of valuation and legal fees paid – remortgage only

Remortgage package deals have also been introduced for fixed rate products, offering legal fees paid and refund of valuation, starting at 3.79%

Cate Hillis, Accord’s Strategic Development Director commented: “Following further reductions in swap rates, we are delighted to be able to pass on these cuts with rate reductions to our current products. We’re confident that we are offering our partners some of the best deals currently available in the market with products available up to 85% LTV. There’s also a choice of remortgage package products including free legals and refund of valuation, or products offering £400 cashback available for house purchase and remortgage. This is a very competitive range of products for our Key Lending Partners.”

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