Accord launches 10 day product sale

Sarah Davidson

October 8, 2012

The 70% and 80% LTV products will go on sale from Wednesday 10 October for 10 days until the close of business on Friday 19 October.

All the products include free valuations, £250 cashback on completion and £995 fees. The rates are:

• 70% LTV five year fixed rate at 3.29%

• 70% LTV offset five year fixed rate at 3.49%

• 80 % LTV two year fixed rate at 3.49%

• 80% LTV three year fixed rate at 3.69%

Accord Mortgages Group intermediary product manager Steve McAvan said: “The autumn leaves are falling and so are our rates.

“Our last 10-day product promotion, in August, was very popular and we hope these mortgages will prove equally successful.

“Brokers and borrowers really benefit from short-term deals like this. It allows us to offer extremely competitive products while giving brokers the certainty of availability that is paramount to their relationships with clients.”

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