Accord to replace resi mortgage range

Jake Carter

November 19, 2021

Accord Mortgages will withdraw and replace its entire residential mortgage range next week, with all end dates extended and selected rates changing.

End dates have been extended to 31 March to give maximum product term value to brokers and their clients, and all the lender’s discounted standard variable rate (SVR) mortgages benefit from reductions.

Highlights of the new range, available for both house purchase and remortgage with a £495 fee and free standard valuation, include a 2-year discounted SVR rate of 1.04% (was 1.19%) at 65% loan-to-value (LTV).

As well as this, a 2-year discounted SVR rate of 1.09% (was 1.24%) at 75% LTV and a 7-year fixed rate of 2.10% (was 2.19%) at 75% LTV will be available.

Jemma Anderson, mortgage manager at Accord Mortgages, said: “While extending end dates to give brokers and their clients the best chance to maximise their initial deal terms, we’ve taken the opportunity to re-assess the entire range.

“As a result, some rates have gone down, and some up, as we adjust our range of residential mortgages to reflect the ever-changing market.”

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