Active Wills & Trusts launches insurance help

Amanda Jarvis

April 26, 2006

This service aims to eradicate the worry of money laundering.

“Many Advisers worry about the complexity of putting insurances into trust when really they should be more worried about what might happen if they don’t,” said Active Wills & Trusts director, Peter Metcalfe.

“What happens if the policy benefactors trace the fact that they’ve needlessly lost thousands of pounds, through Inheritance tax, back to poor advice from a Financial Adviser? This is not a worst-case scenario. In an increasingly litigious society this is much more likely to be reality. Just a question of when?”

“Thanks to the new money laundering regulations and ever-lengthier policy documentation processes, IFAs and Mortgage Advisors are faced with a mountain of paperwork which has made recommending placing policies into trust that much harder. This often stops them advising that policies should be placed in Trust and who can blame them?”

“I’m sure that the Treasury realised that by piling on the paperwork, less policies would be written into trust and this is simply not fair on clients. Similarly, it’s not fair on Advisers that they could be held responsible for not putting policies into trust.”

“Our high quality service aims to stop this paperwork worry, by taking away all the administration and litigation responsibility. What’s more, because we’re online, we’re totally accessible and can be available to both advisors and clients anywhere, anytime.”

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