Advisers believe education about equity release is important

Michael Lloyd

November 21, 2019

Advisers believe better education for customers is the most important factor for making equity release more attractive and accessible in 2020, Canada Life has found.

Just over two-thirds (67%) chose this option, followed by education for professionals (44%) such as solicitors and tax planners.

Alice Watson (pictured), head of marketing and communications at Canada Life – Home Finance, said: “Greater customer understanding of equity release is something which we have strived for as an industry, but these results suggest there is still more to be done.

“Previous research we have conducted has shown that common misperceptions around equity release still exist, and this is clearly something which advisers are experiencing in their conversations with clients.

“Although we’ve seen the amount lent using equity release grow to nearly £4bn in 2019, there’s still a lot of potential for attracting new customers.

“Our upcoming ‘Equity Release Explained’ brochure will be a helpful tool for advisers looking to dispel the myths around the product, as well as for customers to explain the product to their friends and family.”

In contrast to last year, just 4% of advisers think that they could do with more support to make equity release more attractive and accessible in 2020.

In 2018, this was ranked the most important factor, selected by 40% of advisers.

Watson added: “Providing advisers with support will be key to the growth of the market in 2020.

“We’ve hosted 45 workshops in the last year, providing advisers with more support as part of our ongoing commitment to grow the equity release market.

“From our research with advisers, it looks like this commitment has paid off.

“To make sure they continue to feel supported in exploring equity release options with their clients, we’ll once again be providing workshops throughout next year.”

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