Advisers should make more of social media

Nia Williams

May 28, 2013

The review of how financial advisers currently use social media has informed the latest programme of support available for advisers through Aviva’s New Thinking campaign.

With a new online platform packed with a wealth of digital content, www.Avivanewthinking.co.uk offers advisers a step by step learning programme to show how they can use digital technology and social media to reach a wider client audience, from which to retain and grow their business.

Of those advisers polled who do use social media, the most used network is LinkedIn (33%), however users only tend to check in on a weekly basis (18.5%) or less frequently (22%). Twitter and Facebook are also used in a professional capacity but only by 13% of advisers.

Yet there is increasing evidence of just how significant the digital world is when it comes to customers making decisions. 68% of people now search online when making decisions about goods and services related to money matters, and nearly two thirds use their mobile phones to obtain information at least 3 or 4 times a week.

More than 23 million adults in the UK now own a smart phone, providing advisers with an enormous opportunity to reach out to potential clients in a targeted way.

Aviva claims the New Thinking website contains simple, practical ideas and support tools to help advisers make sense of digital marketing, as well as how to reach and interact with new and existing clients through social media networks.

The site also has videos featuring advice from digital experts, infographics, library documents and social media links, to guide advisers through the world of social media and its business benefits. A newsfeed of the latest developments in social media will also keep advisers up to date.

Content within the New Thinking website will include information on how to:

 be found online, using search engine optimisation basics

 connect with customers and be available to them instantly

 create useful and engaging content for potential clients

Andy Beswick, intermediary director at Aviva, said: “The research shows that while many advisers use digital and social media to follow key influencers in the industry or for their own research, very few have harnessed this to actively reach new clients or engage with their existing ones.

“Whilst advisers do need to consider the regulatory aspects of using digital and social media, this shouldn’t discourage them from embracing what is becoming an increasingly bigger part of consumer’s lives.”

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